ELectrochemical OXidation of cYclic and biogenic substrates for high efficiency production of organic CHEMicals is a Horizon Europe project that aims to replace existing chemicals process developing a new electrochemical conversion platform and drop-in technology.

ELOXYCHEM uses renewable industrial feedstocks, as well as waste streams from conventional thermochemical chemicals production, eliminating the current dependence on fossil-derived feedstocks.

ELOXYCHEM uses renewable electricity instead of heat as process energy sources

Breakthrough electrochemical technology for high-energy efficient chemicals production

Use of a Digital Twin & AI for predictive control and monitoring

Pilot-scale demonstration of energy efficiency at production level will demonstrate the impact of this technology

Validation of products in commercial value chains

The main output will be:

  • A first of a kind pilot plant to be used in an industrial environment

As an output of the process, (di)Carboxylic acids with several commercial applications will be produced, such as:

  • Coating additives, catalysts, fine chemicals
  • Agrochemicals, surfactants, fragrances, dyes
  • Polymers for coatings, filaments and engineering materials