Process screening

Finalising requirements for final products and feedstocks. Collecting all data to provide general definitions, settings and system descriptions to be used. Undertaking initial evaluations of health, environmental and safety aspects of the experimental work. 

Electrochemistry development

Developing and validating the ELOXYCHEM conversion process to produce platform chemicals such as dicarboxylic acids and cyclic ketones and monocarboxylic acids at lab-scale. Further extending the conversion process to other biogenic and side streams substrates to produce dicarboxylic acids.

Scale-up and process development

For suitable model substrates the ELOXYCHEM Team will scale-up the technology to pilot-plant scale and an intermediate scale in order to demonstrate the economically and technological viability of the ELOXYCHEM process.

Conversion and purification system optimisation

Optimising the flow reactor system design and operation to improve electrochemical performance, perform long-term stability testing, design and test laboratory reactors to validate operational envelope of the system.

Digital technologies development and integration

Establishing a digital infrastructure to develop a process to collect the essential raw data from the pilot plant and achieve full digitalisation of the ELOXYCHEM process to monitor and control the pilot plant future scaled up commercial plants accustomed to customer requirements.

Pilot line design, build and testing

Designing and building a continuous pilot plant to demonstrate continuous operational variability. Demonstrating safe working practices through a robust safety assessment.

Industrial process demonstration

Undertaking full techno-economic assessment comprising pilot plant modelling, simulation, assessment of production plant at desired large-scale capacity. Producing monomers at economic operating conditions and transformation to polyamides of commercial interest.

Dissemination, communication and exploitation

Ensuring relevance of the measures to maximise ELOXYCHEM impacts through regular monitoring and assessment, elaborating business case and exploitation strategy. Managing IPR and coordinating innovation activities, managing confidentiality during the activities.

Project management

Ensuring effective and high-quality overall project management, administration, coordination and execution, as well as efficient communication with EC, consortium and Industrial Advisory Board.