Greening the chemical industry with electricity

A new electrochemical conversion platform supporting the transition to a fossil-free industry


Chemical industry can play a strategic role in EU green and digital transition 

0 th
Largest industry in Europe
0 rd
Emitter of CO2 emissions in EU
0 %
Of manufactured goods present chemicals

Empower a significant shift towards electrification of oxidative chemical conversion processes

M€ Budget
Reduce by 30% energy use in  energy intensive processes
Enable techno-economic feasibility of new technologies and processes
Empower the potential of renewable energies through a digitalised process
Support EU becoming independent from fossilfuels

Combining the inherent electrochemical oxidation processes (EOPs) advantages with the opportunities of AI-based digital technologies

We are proud to be the coordinator of a project that will be an important part of the twin transition. Together with highly competent and motivated research and industry partners, we will work to ensure a rapid industrial realization of the results of the project 

Bernd Wittgens

Senior Business Developer at SINTEF

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